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Why Jake Locker Being Voted Team Captain Is A Bigger Deal Than You Think

McNair-ing: Giving up ones body for the good of the team. 
Steve would be proud.
McNair-ing: Giving up ones body for the good of the team. Steve would be proud.

Hopefully to no one's surprise, Jake Locker was just named team captain. While it's a great honor for Jake, it's also a large assurance that our potential quarterback of the future is on the right path. We've all heard how great a guy Jake is, how he has a great heart, is a strong leader and is a hard worker. But for his peers, whom are not obligated to adhere to the views of the media or fans, to designate a second-year pro who has not started a single regular season game as one of their leaders is a huge indication that Munchak and Co. got it right.

Jake came to Tennessee wanting no handouts, not expecting to start, only to compete. He has not tried to force power to tip in his favor, especially after he played so well last season nor has he ever complained. He is the essence of what coach Munchak has asked from all his players. "Be A Pro. Know Your Job & Do It".

Jake Locker's approach has been the right one. Lead by example, go out there and work hard. This is how a leader gains power. By showing those around him that he is not above you. He will get down and dirty not ony with you, but for you. Jake is the leader the Titans need. When he suits up on Sundays and he trots onto the field, he can be proud to know that he EARNED that captains patch stitched onto his jersey and that his teammates agree. The Jake Locker experiment is off to a good start and for now at least, Munchak is looking like he snagged a keeper.