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Jommy's Week 1 NFL Picks

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I am already off to a stellar start this season because I took the Giants at -3.5 on Wednesday night. There is nothing like starting the season 0-1. Click through the jump to see the rest of my week 1 picks.

(Picks in bold)

Colts +10.5 @ Bears

There are a lot of people really high on the Bears this season. I am not one of them. Jay Cutler will continue to be a mediocre quarterback.

Eagles -8.5 @ Browns

The Browns are not going to be very good, and the Eagles are going to be on a mission after letting Vince Young wreck their season last year.

Rams @ Lions -8.5

The Rams are going to be terrible, and it is going to be fun to watch (yes that is two bitter Titan fan references in a row).

Patriots -6.5 @ Titans

I think the Titans lose by 7.

Falcons -.5 @ Chiefs

The Chiefs are a big sleeper team this year, but you can't stop Julio.

Jaguars +4.5 @ Vikings

I guess the Vikes are favored because they are at home, but I don't see how they are going to be much better than last season. The Jags were a little bit better than they were given credit for last season.

Redskins @ Saints -9.5

The city of New Orleans has a lot to rally around for this game. The Super Dome will be rocking. That is going to make for a tough debut for Robert Griffin III.

Bills +3.5 @ Jets

I really don't understand why the Jets are favored here.

Dolphins @ Texans -7.5

This game is my survival pick for this week. Even with Arian Foster a question mark, the Dolphins don't have much of a chance in this one.

49ers @ Packers -6.5

The 49ers played a little bit over their heads last year. They are still going to win their division, but they are not in the same class as the Packers.

Panthers -2.5 @ Buccaneers

I hate Cam Newton.

Seahawks +1.5 @ Cardinals

Here is another line I don't understand. The Seahawks are clearly the better team here.

Steelers +1.5 @ Broncos

I hate Peyton Manning.

Bengals +6.5 @ Ravens

Neither of these teams are going to be as good as they were last year. This is a tough game to pick, but it is going to be really close.

Chargers -1.5 @ Raiders

This should be a good game as well. I think the Chargers are going to end up being better than people think.