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The 2012 Titans Fate Rests On The Offensive Line

"I'll be down here if you need anything"
"I'll be down here if you need anything"

I know what your thinking, "Isn't this true for every team?". Correct, but this rings especially true for this squad. This team may have a ton of weapons but it is all on the offensive line to decide how good the Titans can be. Lets face it, Chris Johnson is good,however, without a stable offensive line he will not produce. He's not Adrian Peterson or Michael Turner- he won't run through would-be tacklers.

The line has to get CJ in space to utilize his talents. This has always been the case. Every since his rookie campaign, Johnson was always behind a top 3 offensive line. It's easy to rush for 2,000 yards when there are gaping holes to run through. With the departure of Kevin Mawae, this offensive has never looked the same.

Sure they can pass protect, but if you can't allow CJ to do his thing, the offense will stay one sided and that's too much to put on a 2nd year quarterback.

While they have been terrible in run blocking, this unit is excellent in keeping the quarterbacks' jersey clean-something Jake locker needs. But in order for this offense to truly soar Jake has to spend his time making plays instead of impersonating Blaine Gabbert. He has to have time.

The offense begins up front. If Chris Johnson can get even little wiggle room, it would be enough to keep the defense focused up front, allowing Locker and our newly revamped aerial attack a chance to be special.

Rest assured folks, this unit is special. They not only have the talent, but the youth, experience and game plan to be a force in the NFL for many years to come. But again, it starts up front. As a Hall of Fame lineman, Munchak knows our current roster won't cut it. So im confident in knowing he will look to address the situation until it is fixed instead of extending Eugene Amano and Leroy Harris. This must be our number 1 priority moving forward because once our protection is perfected, we will finally have sorrounded Jake Locker with some......Well, you get the idea.