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Last Night's MCM Radio

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Last night on MCM Radio we previewed the year in the AFC South. We were joined by Patrick Starr of State of the Texans, Nate Dunlevy of BR/Colts Authority and Adam Stites of Big Cat Country. All three guys were very knowledgeable about their respective teams.

I also felt like all three guys were pretty realistic about the teams they cover. Dunlevy didn't come and predict that the Colts were going to win the division, but you could hear the excitement in his voice when he talked about Andrew Luck. I asked it last night and I will ask it again- How did the Colts get lucky enough to draft Peyton Manning all of those years ago and then fall into the #1 pick the year Luck comes out.

So give the show a listen. You will hear from all of these guys again throughout the season.

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