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Jake Locker Shoulder Injury Feared Serious

Jake Locker injured his left shoulder against the Patriots in week one. He hurt it again on Sunday, and it could be a lot worse this time.

Thomas B. Shea - Getty Images

Jim Wyatt said on Twitter this afternoon that the Titans are worried about the severity of Jake Locker's shoulder injury. That is really not good news for this offense and this team. Matt Hasselbeck is a quality backup, but you saw today that his best role really is as the backup. This offense becomes extremely limited with him under center.

Locker didn't miss a game because of the last injury, but it sure sounds like that will not be the case this time. He will have an MRI tomorrow, and that should give the team a better idea of how bad the injury is.

It was a tough break for Locker coming off the best game of his career. He had a real chance to gain some momentum after that game last week, but that wasn't possible when he got knocked out early in this game.

Keep your fingers crossed that the injury isn't very serious and Locker is only going to miss a game or two.