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Titans vs. Texans Final Thoughts

The Titans could make some noise on the national scene today with a win over the undefeated Texans.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Last week my final thoughts post included a lot of doom and gloom about the upcoming day. I saw zero chance the Titans could pull out a win against the Lions- and then they won. Hopefully that trend will continue today because I don't see much hope for this one.

I cannot find any scenario where the Titans will be able to stop the Texans' two-headed rushing monster of Arian Foster and Ben Tate. The front four has been knocked off the ball all season long, and they have not faced an offensive line or running backs like they will today. There could be points in this game where the Texans just line up and run the ball of ten straight plays.

Just like last week, the Titans are going to have to score 24+ points to win the game. That will be much tougher this week than it was last because the Texans have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Jake Locker will have to be very efficient today. If he throws a pick or two it will be a long day for the Titans.