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Titans vs. Texans: Three Things to Watch on Defense

Three things to watch from the Titans defense against the Texans.

Joe Robbins - Getty Images

Here are three things to watch from the Titans defense against the Texans this weekend.

1. Defensive line:

Two objectives: Do what you can to stop Foster and punish Matt Schaub when he tries to throw, that's it.

Houston's offensive line may have some new pieces in place but make no mistake, they are very good. The entire line is going to have to have a big game if Tennessee what's to have a chance at controlling tempo.

2. Be physical:

The Fexans may act tough but the will fold like a paper towel if you start to bang them around and show them you aren't skurd. Houston knows in the back of their minds that they are still Houston, still cursed, and will be our bitch for at least one game per year because they will not sweep us.

An early score by our offense coupled with an turnover caused by the Titans defense would be ideal, our greatest weapon this entire game is the monkey on Houston's back. If doubt starts to creep in they are finished.

3. Don't forget about Dre':

The Titans will be all in on stopping the run, that is a given, but Tennessee cannot afford to let AJ run loose the way they did Calvin Johnson last weekend.

The Fexans are a giant bag of douche and I know deep down in my heart that they will attempt to take a shot at us right out of the gate to no one other that Dre....Please don't let this happen, we cannot be down early in this one.

Note: This game is going to give me my third heart attack.......Just win and all will be well, I don't care how you do it. Just shut them up for a few weeks.