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Titans vs. Texas: Three Things to Watch on Offense

Three things to watch from the Titans offense against the Texans Sunday.

Frederick Breedon - Getty Images

1. Jake Locker:

Locker went into beast mode against the Detroit Lions, it was really fun to watch. He is going to have to replicate his efforts if the Titans plan on bringing down the over-hyped Fexans from Houston.

Look for the offense to come out chucking the ball around again this week, abandoning the run worked wonders in week 3. It is my opinion that the Fexans do not know what they are getting into with Jake and this could have a similar result as VY's first visit down there.

2. Run game:

CJ said that the run game is coming together earlier this week. That being said, I don't see that happening this weekend against Houston.

The Fexans are designed around stopping and putting the beat down on one CJ....better luck next week Sonic.

3. Offensive line:

I'm not even going to get into the run blocking aspect of this because it is a waste of my time and yours.

However, the offensive line did a great job keeping Jake upright against a very aggressive Lions team last week, can they do it again this week? If not its going to be a very VERY long day because Jake Locker and the passing game are our best shot at winning any games this season.