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Week 4: Predictions From The Contributors

Music City Miracles Predicts Titans vs Texans

Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Week 4 brings us probably our toughest test to date in the Texans. (As much as we all hate to admit that.)

My choice for guest this week never responded to my email (make sure the email on your profile is good!), so we are just rolling with contributors this week:

Big Tuna (2-1)

I really don't see any way the Titans are going to be able to slow down Arian Foster and Ben Tate. That means the Texans will dominate time of possession and run away with it late.

Texans 38 - Titans 24

SuperHorn (1-2)

I'm not one for pessimism, but this one terrifies me. Palmer will need to pull out everything he's got in his bag of tricks if he hopes to win this one. Defensively, we'll need to play better than we have all year up front, and we'll need to keep that production up for two complete halves. I think that's too much to ask on the road against a top 10 team.

Texans 24 - Titans 13

Grams (1-2)

Like I mentioned up top, the Texans will be the best team the Titans see probably all season. We saw so many good things last week against the Lions, however I fear they will not be good enough to pull out a W in our first division game.

Texans 21 - Titans 14

KGDrummer (1-2)

Remember last season when we won a fluke victory over the Fexans last season? Well, I believe we are honestly a better team in 2012. Look for a big game by Jurrell Casey to stop Arian Foster. Also expect to see a lot of Jason McCourty to hopefully stop Andre the Giant. I have a gut feeling that CJ has a better week this time. Despite close game, I think the Texans have too dominant of a defense.

Texans 24 - Titans 17

Daniel R (1-2)

As much as it hurts us to admit, the Texans are a very good team. They have a deep and talented roster and a strong coaching staff. These two teams are in two different places right now. Houston is an established team competing to be one of the best in the AFC. The Titans are developing their young QB and have a very young roster. We're just not on the same level as the Texans. Arian Foster and Ben Tate will have big games and their defense will shut down our offense.

Texans 34 - Titans 20