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Jommy's Week 4 NFL Picks

Picking every week4 NFL game against the spread.

Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I went 7-8-1last week (one of the games I lost was the Packers game which shouldn't count). That brings me to 17-28-3 on the season. Not exactly the start I was hoping for, but there is still a lot of football to be played.

We are moving into a new house today, so this one is going to be short and sweet.

Baltimore -12 @ Cleveland

Atlanta -7 @ Carolina

New England -4 @ Buffalo

Detroit @ Minnesota +4.5

Tennessee @ Houston -12

I hate picking this one that way and would love for someone to give me a reason to feel otherwise.

San Diego @ Kansas City +1

San Francisco - 4.5 @ New York Jets

Seattle -3 @ St. Louis

Miami +6.5 @ Arizona

Oakland +6.5 @ Denver

Cincinnati -3 @ Jacksonville

New Orleans @ Green Bay -8

Washington @ Tampa Bay -3

New York Giants +1 @ Philadelphia

Chicago @ Dallas -3.5