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Kenny Britt Injury Update

The latest news on the injury to Kenny Britt.

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

Kenny Britt did not practice today. On Monday Mike Munchak sounded confident that Britt would be ready to go against the Texans. Today he didn't sound quite so confident:

Kenny (Britt) is again, the same thing, progressing along pretty well. He’s an ankle, so obviously that’s a little more because of the running and playing receiver. We’ll have to see how he does the next couple of days.
Unfortunately, it is always something when it comes to Britt. If he isn't getting into trouble off the field, he has some problem with his legs on the field. At least the ankle thing is new. He has battled hamstring and knee injuries in the past.

Jared Cook also didn't practice on Wednesday. The Titans are going to have a really tough time moving the football against the Texans defense if both of those guys play. It is going to be near impossible if they both are on the sidelines.