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Titans vs. Texans Preview via MCM Radio

Talk Titans on MCM Radio Tonight at 9:00 Central

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

Tonight will be another Jommy-less episode of MCM Radio, as our fearless leader moves his familia to a new casa. In his absence, Dan and I will try to entertain, enlighten, provoke and occasionally tickle (no homo) as we recap the wackiest win in franchise history, while turning the page to the first AFC South match-up of the season.

We'll do around 10-20 minutes of just us at the top, then we'll open the lines up for calls. If you'd like to call in, you can do so at (347) 838-9122. You can listen live and join in the chat room zaniness over at the BTR site. We'll let you know when the phone lines are open.

If you can't join us live, you can always download the show later via iTunes, or stream it anytime at the BTR site.