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Tennessee Titans Rant: TUCK THE FEXANS 2012 (Game One)

A little story about the hate between the Titans and Texans.

Thomas B. Shea - Getty Images

Hello everyone,

It seems to be that time of the year again, now is the time of year that I generally start wearing my heart on my sleeve and actually start getting upset about football. Why Dano? Well, my overall hatred (yes I said I hate the Texans and their fans, media personnel, mascots, cheerleaders, etc, etc.) and disrespect for the team begin to simmer moving into "Fexans" week.

Let’s get one thing straight, as much as I cannot stand the Houston Texans, they have much, much more disrespect for the Titans. This stems back to the days of Uncle Bud moving the once "Houston Oilers" from their native land to Nashville TN, yes I know, wah wah cry me a river. Tennessee is everything the Fexans have ever wanted to be, storied history, magical plays, and a Super Bowl appearance. What do the Texans have to show for it? Nothing at all, well, one and done in the playoffs last season, again, cry me a river.

However, I will admit that as of 09/25/12 that the Fexans are a better team than the Titans. They absolutely destroyed us here in Nashville in 2011 and would have probably beaten the boys in blue during the season finale had they not gone for it on that last play. However, (I like the word however) they are not "unbeatable" and if anyone is going to upset them at this point why not the Titans? We are coming off of a HUGE win and I really think they could catch Houston off guard.

Divisional games are always more heated, more intense, and more unpredictable than any other NFL game and if Tennessee keeps it close, I think that they will win. Everything is falling into favor for the Titans, they just come off of a emotional victory at home, Houston is probably down south thinking that they are gods, and nobody is really giving the Titans a chance, we found what the team was made of earlier in the week when most "experts" (myself included, not calling myself an expert) were shocked to see the team walk away with a win against the Detroit Lions.

It is only Tuesday but most of the players have remained fairly quiet about the rivalry up to this point in the week, no doubt some douche like Brian "douche bag douche face" Cushing will say something that will cause me to pick up a small animal or child and kick them through my window, its coming.

Until then I will leave the Fexans and their fans with this, we are coming and we are coming to win, even if the Titans do not manage to pull this game out they will put a major scare in your heart, if you do manage to win…..well then, I hope all of your ACL’s simultaneously explode. F you all.