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Quick Thoughts on the First Titans Win

  • Derrick Morgan deserves more credit. He had another underappreciated performance last week. The replacement referees have missed more holding calls this year, for both teams. Watch for Morgan to continue his strong play this year.
  • Let's keep the positivity going here and note that Jake Locker played amazing. He was extremely accurate and had strong decision-making in the win. I thought there was only one bad throw and one bad decision (the ball he threw as he got hit off his back foot).
  • Kendall Wright needs to let his blocks set up on those screens. That was extremely frustrating.
  • Chris Johnson had a better day but there were still a lot of ugly runs. Some of that is on the playcalling. Those tosses we ran were ugly.
  • Without Colin McCarthy, Akeem Ayers stepped up big time. He made two bone-headed plays at the end of the game that almost cost us but for roughly 58 minutes he was a beast. He was all over the field and demonstrated both his coverage and blitzing skills.
  • Alan Lowry is one of the best special teams coaches in the league. He demonstrated that yesterday again, but its no coincidence that we've had different people return kicks successfully under his watch (Carr, Mariani and Reynaud in the past few years).
  • Michael Griffin didn't make me yell at my computer screen. That's probably the highest praise I've given him all year.
  • The offensive line held up well yesterday against a feared Lions pass rush with zero sacks against. Going into the game I thought Detroit would get at least 3.
  • We finally saw this team's true potential. There is talent on this roster and the coaches found ways to bring it out. This is still going to be a long process and the Titans have a long way to go. The Jekyll and Hyde show can't continue if we want to have success this year.
  • If you think you can figure this team out, let me know because I sure can't.