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Some NFL History in Today's Titans Win

Here is an interesting stat from today's game:

The TENNESSEE TITANS became the first team in NFL history to score five touchdowns of at least 60 yards in a game in their 44-41 overtime win over Detroit: TOMMIE CAMPBELL, 65-yard punt-return TD; JARED COOK, 61-yard TD reception from JAKE LOCKER; DARIUS REYNAUD, 105-yard kick-return TD; NATE WASHINGTON, 71-yard TD reception from Locker; and ALTERRAUN VERNER, 72-yard fumble-return TD.

I cannot think of a Titans' game that was more exciting than the one today. The Music City Miracle was the most exciting play in Titans' history, but that game itself was really boring until that play.

This game had a little bit of everything. There were special teams scores, a defensive touchdown where ATV ripped the ball away from a player, a converted onside kick, a completed hail mary and a fourth down attempt that failed and ended the game.

At the end of the day, it was just good to see the Titans get a W.