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Titans vs. Lions Final Thoughts

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I want to find something positive to say about this game from a Titans' standpoint, but I just cannot come up with anything. This is the type of game where the Titans need to win the time of possession battle by running the football. Unfortunately, they simply cannot run the football. Maybe that will change today, but I wouldn't bet on it.

On defense they have to find a way to limit Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. The obvious answer there is to roll coverage over the top on Megatron's side of the field. The problem with that solution is that the Titans would have to roll one of their safeties over the top. Raise your hand if you feel good about that scenario.

There aren't any good feelings around this football team right now. A win today could change all of that. It is going to take an extremely surprising effort by the offense for that to happen.