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What Has Gone Wrong With the Titans Offense?


All offseason long, I was sure the Titans were going to score points. I have been worried about the defense, but thought it would be OK because the offense would be putting 24-28 points on the board every week. How could they not? Just look at all of the weapons they have. I hoped that Jake Locker would win the job, but thought that it really didn't matter because there were so many weapons.

Now, two weeks into the season, that all seems like a distant memory. The unit that I thought would be among the top half of the league in scoring has yet to score two touchdowns in a game- let alone break 20 points. They are currently last in the league in scoring.

What has gone wrong?

The problem here is that the answer is a lot of things, but it all starts up front. The offensive line has not been able to pass or run block so far this season. In case you didn't know, that is a problem.

Chris Johnson the non-finger pointing finger pointer is a shell of his former self. He is by no means the whole problem, but there is no doubt he is a contributing factor to the issues in the running game.

Locker has been up and down, but that is to be expected with a guy who is making his first NFL starts.

How do they fix it?

The problem here is that there isn't any one answer. Quite simply, the offensive line has to get better. The problem is they may not have the talent in this group to play any better than they are right now. That means, at least on passing downs, they are going to have to go to more max protect stuff with someone like Craig Stevens either lining up in the backfield to block, or at least saying in to block.

Javon Ringer needs to get healthy so they can give CJ someone else to look at out there. Ringer is never going to be an All-Pro running back, but he will hit the holes. I am not saying he would be out there running for 100 yards a game, but he would be better than 19 carries for 21 yards right now. It might do CJ some good to sit for a series or two.

Locker just needs more experience. Again, we knew that part of starting him would be the ups and downs. Hopefully we have more ups than downs over the next couple of weeks.

There is still a chance for this offense to be good, but they need to start showing some improvement. Things are only going to deteriorate more as the losses pile up.