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Lions vs. Titans: Three Things to Watch on Defense


I hope if I continue to rip this team they will prove me wrong and actually play well. Three things to watch on defense is posted after the jump.

1. The secondary will be burnt to a crisp:

Our very own Alterraun Verner was the lone bright spot against the Chargers last weekend and I'm not looking for this unit to improve against the Lions and Calvin Johnson. If Michael Floyd was running wide open in our secondary then the real CJ will do awful things to them Sunday.

The Griffin/Rojo experiment has been a miserable failure so far (who could have foreseen Griffin not living up to expectations?) but the coaching staff inexplicably continues to have faith in the dynamic duo, good luck with that fellas, this is going to be a beat down of expect proportions.

2. Linebacker Corp:

The linebackers continued their ugly streak against tight ends last week by getting torched by a no name, third stringer. Brandon Pettigrew is coming to town and that spells BIG trouble for a unit that hasn't been able to cover the middle for three years.

Colin McCarthy is out of his walking boot but will not play, look for old man Will Witherspoon to be back in that spot against the Lions, it's going to be a very long day.

The lone bright spot as far as I'm concerned, these guys have defiantly over achieved in my opinion and that's a good thing because I thought they were going to suck it up this year.

Marks will return to the fold Sunday and that can't do anything but help stop Detroit's running game which will almost certainly come to life against our defense.

Hopefully the line can put Matt Stafford on the ground early and often, that's the only way we have a shot in this one.