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Week 3: Predictions From The Contributors and ltknick

I'm not one to point fingers, but......

(Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)
I'm not one to point fingers, but...... (Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE)

PTFC is joined by the XO of MCM this week. Start us off L.T.:

ltknick (0-2)

Obviously the first thing you think of with Detroit, besides houses selling for $1, is Calvin "Megatron" Johnson. So far Megatron is 7th in the league in receiving yards with 205. He has been kept out of the endzone so far though. I see that changing this week as Griffin will be on the field. Stafford has not lit it up as of his fantasy owners, myself included, thought he was going to. That too, will change this week. Detroit has scored 46 points so far, while our boys in blue have only managed 23. Detroit has only allowed 50 points, while we have allowed 72. After 2 weeks, those numbers speak loudly. In my best Madden voice "this game will come down to who can score the most points" and sadly, that is clearly Detroit.

Titans North 31 - Titans South 17

Big Tuna (2-0)

The thought of Stafford and Megatron coming to LP Field to face this defense is terrifying. I don't know what the single game record for receiving yards is, but he very well might break it.

Lions 38 - Titans 17

D.R. (1-1)

There's simply no way I can justify taking the Titans on this one. I don't think we'll end up as the worst team in the league but we're certainly playing like it right now. This team can't run the ball, the passing game is stuck in neutral…and we can't keep people out of the end zone. Calvin Johnson hasn't scored a TD yet this season but that will change Sunday. I fear for what Stafford and company will do to this defense. I'm hoping for little victories: keep the game close, get Locker some positive plays and put some points on the board. Not sure we can accomplish that.

Lions 27 - Titans 10

GrouchyGrams (1-1)

I'm not sure the Lions can score as much as the Chargers, but I still don't think it will be close. What a kick in the junk it is that injuries are now compounding our suckitude.

Lions 24 - Titans 10

dano (0-2)

The Titans will get dominated up front on offense and that will lead to another pitiful performance by the offensive unit. The defense will be out in the filed for what seems like years yet again.

Lions win in a slaughter-fest.

Lions 41 - Titans 17

SuperHorn (0-2)

Titans win. In light of recent games, all signs point to a loss here. I've got to cling to something though. This is a a pick based purely on emotional fanaticism. This team needs a win, and if we can't win here then odds are we're staring 0-6 in the face. Given the familiarity with Schwartz scheme and the feeling that we're backed into a corner, I think the Titans find a way to win here.

Titans 23 - Lions 20

TJonne (0-2)

I don't know about everyone else but last week's game doesn't give me much confidence in this team. I fully expect Matt stafford to look like Tom Brady out there by throwing 3 touchdowns and whoever is the runningback to run for a score as we get trampled at home. At least Jake gets his first touchdown to Kenny Britt while my boy Kendall wright gets another score. We continue to look for answers as we falter to the lions.

Suh-Stompers 28 - Titans 14

D. Reese (0-2)

Don't think for a second Jim Schwartz isn't coming into town to do some damage, this game could be a pretty nasty body blow if we don't play our cards right. Megatron is going to eat our secondary for lunch, and that's okay, because he eats everybody's secondary for lunch, my worries lie with Titus Young and Brandon Pettigrew. If last week was any indicator, the Titans still can't cover tight ends. I remember the night I first commented on this site, it was the night of the Vince Wonder Drive against Arizona. This glaring inability to cover a bigger, slower wide receiver that lines up right in front of you was evident then and lord knows it's evident now. Some things never change with this team. If the defense comes out flat like they did in San Diego and Stafford is on his game, we're going to pine for the days of 59-0. I'm scared, hold me.

Offensively, I don't have any idea what to expect. Stephen Tulloch couldn't cover a tight end to save his life here, but there seemed to be a lack of complaining about that from Pride of Detroit last year. This makes me think we have a system problem, despite bringing in a new coordinator. I don't know how much sense that makes. Luckily, Detroit's secondary is bad. Pray Jake can find some soft spots in the coverage. I don't love our chances in a shoot out, but I like them a whole lot more than our chances in a defensive struggle.

Lions 35 - Titans 20

Drummer (0-2)

I'm not feeling good about this one, but I'm Mr. Optimism. I think we can definitely take advantage of the Detroit secondary that's very weak. Let's also remember how good Tully is at covering tight ends... Oh wait, he isn't. So look for a big day for the Cookie Monster.

Titans 24 - Lions 21