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Lions vs. Titans: Three Things to Watch on Offense


The offense is going to need to get on track this week if the Titans are going to get a win this week. Click through the jump for three things to watch for on offense.

1. Jake Locker:

Locker will continue to be on this list until we see more productivity out of the passing game. Again, this is only his third start but we cannot afford to see another VY like interception during this game. The team is doing a good enough job of shooting themselves in the foot without costly turnovers by our quarterback.

It would be nice to see Jake get outside of the pocket and use his legs more often, the Titans are going to have to scheme around Locker's strengths rather than try and for him into Palmer's super effective "We can't move the football FTW!!!" scheme...

2. The offensive line will get blown up again:

Yes, yes, shower me with your hate all you like but the offensive line is going to get crushed like a beer can come Sunday. Maybe Leroy Harris and company will come alive against Ndamukong Suh and the Lions defensive front but I'm not expecting all.

3. Kenny Britt

Britt is coming along from his knee surgery and should be more of a factor come Sunday, he only had 1 catch for 5 yards against the Chargers.

Britt is going to have to contribute if this offense plans on moving the ball, because CJ and the offensive line aren't going to get it done.