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The Elephant In The Room: Bud Adams Needs to Win Now

Because baby blue suits are all the rage these days.
Because baby blue suits are all the rage these days.

With the Titans season dwindling early and the coaching staff short on answers, perhaps there is one man who is about as tired of mediocrity and failure as we are, Bud Adams. At 89 years old, Bud will probably not be around to see the next generation of the Titans. So it only makes sense that he will do everything in his power (and give everything in his wallet) to produce a winning team. And with Jeff Fisher no longer the face of this franchise, there are no longer emotional ties keeping Bud from making drastic changes.

We saw this offseason that Bud will not shy away from making, or at least attempting to make, big moves to create a winning product. At 0-2, I'm quite certain this is not the team he envisioned. Perhaps the biggest issue is coach Munchak's lack of answers. The run game has become non existent and Bud is not going to stand by too long and watch his million dollar running back average 5 yards a game- especially when said player was extremely successful prior to the coaching change.

With a lack of a run game, there is also an anemic aerial attack despite going all offseason hearing about how this special system will put us among the league's best. Instead, our stud of a quarterback is running for his life reminiscent of his days back at Washington, and our offense is looking worse than 2007. This is not what Bud was promised.

Our revamped defense is now the laughing stock of the NFL and is led by our safety, fresh off a new contract, playing like an undrafted free agent from a division-2 college. Bud was told this group would flourish in a system that was updated to hold off the best talent the league could throw at it. Instead he was forced to watch a back-up tight end score three touchdowns with little to no resistance.

This was supposed to be a new era of Titans football. At 0-2, this new era is off to a slow start and after a 3 year playoff drought and countless losing streaks following, perhaps Bud is thinking of a new change. With all this talent and youth, a start as poor as this is sure to be placed directly at the feet of the coaching staff. With a few more losses, Bud could be inclined to clean house.