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Titans Reason to Celebrate Week 2


So we have this sponsored post we have to do each week called reasons to celebrate. That becomes are pretty tough task when your team gets embarrassed two straight weeks. I thought about celebrating that the game ended, but I decided to find something positive.

This week we are going to celebrate the return of Kenny Britt to the offense. Jake Locker didn't seem to know he was out there in San Diego, but you have to imagine that he will eventually figure out that he can just throw the ball up to Britt and good things will happen.

While my faith is dwindling, I still believe that this offense is going to make some good things happen eventually. There are just too many weapons on that side of the ball for them to be bad forever. Getting Britt back is a huge step in that direction. Hopefully it will start to come together this very weekend when the Lions come to town.