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Talk Tennessee Titans on MCM Radio Tonight At 9PM CST!!!!!!!!


Tonight join August and myself for yet another sphincter tightening episode of MCM radio as we continue to mourn the loss of faith in the Tennessee Titans and we will pay our respects to our former leader Jommy who has been AWOL since the Chargers melted our faces with they're awesomeness.

August and I will also be previewing the upcoming match up against the Detroit Lions (Yay!) and will take phone calls 15-20 minutes into the show. (347) 838-9122 is the number, be sure to call in, I'm sure this will be a lot of fun as always. See you then!!!!!!!!!!111

*[by AW] A gentlemanly note to all callers: Keep it clean, be ready to bring it when your time comes and be ready to express/defend your points without going ballistic. I'll be running the call queue, so chaos will not be tolerated.