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Titans vs. Chargers Final Thoughts

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There is no such thing as a must win game in week 2 of the NFL season, but the Titans really need to win this game. The Chargers, while a very good team, are the worst of the four opponents they face in September. We will call this a really need to win game.

The Chargers want to take shots down the field. That is how Philip Rivers operates this offense. Today would be a nice game for Michael Griffin to prove he is worth the contract they gave him in the offseason. He will have a really tough test in Antonio Gates, who had 123 yards and a touchdown when these two teams met in 2010. Gates didn't practice much this week, but he is expected to play today.

I don't need to tell you anymore about how bad it has been in San Diego for the Titans. That 2010 game is the one where Kenny Britt really messed up his hamstring. The only good to come from that game was it led to the best week ever here at MCM. Man we were naive.

On offense, the Titans better get some big plays of their own. The Chargers weren't very good against the run last season, but they did a good job on Darren McFadden in week one. The Titans will try to establish the run early, but don't be surprised to see them abandon the run much earlier than they did last week. The best idea would probably be to spread the field from the beginning and look to run after establishing the fast.

If the Titans are going to win this game, they are going to have to score more than 24 points. That puts a lot on the shoulders of Jake Locker. Today would be a really nice day for him to put this team on his back and carry them to victory.