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Kenny Britt Will Be on a Snap Count, Unless He Isn't

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Kenny Britt will play his first game in almost a year this Sunday in San Diego. Britt has a history of leg injuries, so there is some concern about giving him too much too soon. That has led people to ask Mike Munchak this week if Britt will be limited to a certain number of plays in this game:

It’s more of other things. I think if we’re just concerned for his knee, we’d probably think he looks pretty good and could probably go more. But you have to worry about other things too—hamstrings, quads. When you’re running like that and haven’t done it under pressure and start getting tackled, that’s something we don’t know yet. When he starts getting tackled and running, and it just all depends how the game is going. You get a general idea of how much you think you’re going to use him, so you can plan your game and your rotations, and Chris (Palmer) can get a good feel for how he wants to call his game and where he can use him. Then you just see how the game unfolds. Obviously, we’re not going to go, ‘He can only play 15.’ So if it’s 18, you know. If he’s doing well and we’re going well, and it happens to be the end of the game and we need him and he’s healthy, then obviously we’re going to give him an opportunity if we think it’s the right way to go.

There are a lot of factors in play here. One, of course will be how the game is going. If the Titans are up by a lot or down by a lot, it would only make sense for the Titans to sit him down.

Nate Washington is questionable for the game on Sunday. That is better than doubtful or out, but he hasn't practice all week. It seems like a long shot that he will play. The Titans are pretty week at receiver without Washington and Britt out there.

There is also how Britt feels to take into consideration. Is his conditioning level going to be at a place where he can play more than 15-20 snaps?

Here's to hoping Britt scores a couple of long touchdowns in the first half and isn't needed for the second half.