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Week 2: Predictions From The Contributors and Grimerz757

I'm sure this was interference too.

I'm sure this was interference too. Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE

Welsh couldn't make it happen. I have faith in Grimerz. Not much faith in our team, but my fan-soul needs a win this week something awful. Titans at Chargers this Sunday.

Make it happen Grimerz:

Grimerz757 (0-1)

Good lord... I feel special, soooooooooooo I totally do not usually do predictions and box scores... but when GoldenGrams asks you to do something you do it. The Chargers, how do I hate thee, let me count the ways. I'm predicting a smashing day from Kamerion Wimbley, probably a sack or two, but mostly pressure. We'll probably dominate the trenches, but as much as I hate to say, Cj's comeback is not this week, but we get Kenny back, and back hungry!!!! In the end it shall be the Titans pulling it out off of a late touchdown to Kenny Britt.

Titans 24 - Chargers 17

smash (1-0)

Chris Johnson will get off to a better start against San Diego's defense, and the Chargers' injuries will be too much for them to overcome at the end.

Titans 14 - Chargers 13

Daniel R. (1-0)

It was at this point last year when Titans fans were in a state of depression following an opening day loss to the Jaguars only to be elated when the team knocked off the Ravens in Week 2. I didn't give us any shot at beating Baltimore last year but I'm a little more optimistic going up against San Diego this Sunday. There are a bunch of things that worry me: the Titans constantly struggle against the Chargers, we're the visiting team and we still can't run the ball. Even with all that in mind I'm taking the Titans this week. Neither team will run the ball well so it's going to be a battle through the air; one I actually think we can win. Jake Locker should have a strong outing again and I think our secondary will rebound.

Titans 27 - Chargers 21

Big Tuna (1-0)

This is a game the Titans really need to get because the Chargers are the worst team they play in September, and they are not exactly the 2011 Indianapolis Colts. It is going to be another tough match-up for the defense. The Titans are going to have to score more than 24 points to win this game, and I am not sure if the offense is there just yet. They will, but it still won't be enough.

Chargers 28 - Titans 24

SuperHorn (0-1)

The loss last week wasn't as bad as it appeared on paper. Against an inferior opponent (relatively), there should be more of an opportunity for Palmer to execute his gameplan. Offense gets in rhythm early and doesn't look back. #LWSS

Titans 24 - Chargers 19

GrumpyGrams (0-1)

This team really knows how to kill GoldenGrams. That's what I get for being optimistic I guess. HOWEVA, I am feeling the win this week. Hopefully the team rebounds from that performance last week and lets #10 lead them to victory.

Titans 24 - Chargers 19

ADub (0-0)

The offense puts to bed all of our frustrations from last week, Locker goes ballistic by attacking San Diego's sub-par secondary deep and the defense forces turnovers early. Finally, after years of getting pounded, we have a solid performance against the Chargers.

Titans 35 - Chargers 17

TJ (0-1)

At the risk of sounding like a homer. I must say, I actually came out of the patriot game fairly impressed. Our defense should improve, as long as Michael griffin stays away from every play. And Jake locker looks really good. He will only be better once Kenny Britt comes back. This is why im picking the titans to deliver a solid beating to rivers and the chargers. There offense doesn't scare me and Jake should have a good outing seeing as he will be facing a less complicated defense. I have no prediction for cj. #LSSW(game day thread insider, because inside jokes are cool)!!!!!!!

Titans 28 - Rivers and the Baby Blue Bolts 10

danoMITE (0-1)

Neither team can run the football and this game will eventually become a shootout. That's what happens when both defenses suck.

Locker's athleticism is the wildcard here. He will score the winning touchdown with a run while hurt in McNair-like fashion.

Titans 24 - Chargers 21

Drummer (0-1)

I hate San Diego. Not a single Titans win against them ever... Until 2012. The Titan had an atrocious run defense against New England. Luckily, San Diego's rushing attack isn't anything to write home about as Brinkley ran for 12 yards on 10 carries. Furthermore, J-Mac and ATV will be able to shut down Philip Rivers's passing attack. Expect a tight game in California on Sunday.

Titans 17 - Chargers 13