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Jommy's Week 2 NFL Picks

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I really hope you didn't wager your mortgage on my picks last week. I went 5-11. That is a rough start to the season. Click through the jump for this week's picks...if you dare.

Bears @ Packers -5

The Bears looked better than I thought they would last week, and the Packers looked worse. Seems like a good reason to pick the Packers.

Chiefs +3 @ Bills

That high money Bills defense got torched by a Jets offense that couldn't score in the preseason. Hopefully Jamaal Charles has a big game here.

Saints -2.5 @ Panthers

I trusted Cam Newton last week, and he let me down. I hate him.

Browns +7 @ Bengals

I think the Bengals will win this game, but it will be on a late field goal, thus the Browns will stay within the number.

Vikings -1.5 @ Colts

The Vikings assault on the AFC South continues.

Houston @ Jacksonville +7.5

The Jags always play the Texans tough. Houston wins this one, but it will be tight.

Raiders -3 @ Dolphins

The Dolphins are terrible. So are the Raiders.

Arizona @ New England -14

The Patriots are the best team in the history of the world. There will not be a single week this season where they don't cover the number.

Buccaneers @ Giants -7

The Giants will win this one because it will be a disaster if they don't.

Ravens +3 @ Eagles

This is an interesting line to me. I think the Ravens are clearly the better team. Vegas does not agree. Vegas is usually right.

Dallas @ Seattle +3

The Seahawks burned me last week, but I didn't learn my lesson. The Cowboys tend to have a big let down after a big win.

Redskins -3 @ Rams

RGIII is the greatest EVA.

Jets @ Steelers -6

I hate both of these teams.

Titans +6 @ Chargers

I will not reveal my pick for this game until PFTC comes out tomorrow, but it will be a close one.

Lions +7 @ 49ers

Matthew Stafford has a nice bounce back game here.

Denver @ Atlanta -3