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Titans vs. Chargers: Three Things to Watch for on Defense


Last week was a train wreck against the run. was a miserable failure all around, I shouldn't just single out the run game. More after the jump!!!

Note: My negative attitude will not change until we start winning games. Sorry...

1. Michael Griffin:

Griffin has been a huge disappointment for what seems like years now, the guy stinks and that's that. He had a horrible game Sunday against the Patriots Sunday and I'm looking for that trend to continue this weekend.

He's not a good free safety and it's clear that he is even worse in his new role playing closer to the line. He will burned at least once in San Diego, let's just hope he can keep his mistakes to a minimum.

2. Middle Linebacker:

Colin McCarthy is banged up, did I mention that he pretty much is our defense? Will Witherspoon will likely get the nod at middle linebacker and that terrifies me.

Let's hope we can sneak away with a win and McCarthy can return to action soon, if not we are in trouble.

Note: Antonio Gates didn't practice Wednesday and that's not going to do anything but help a defense that refuses to cover a tight end.

3. Run Defense

The run defense was terrible last Sunday but should improve against the Chargers, Sen'Derrick Marks should return to the lineup and that will help a lot...I think.

The Chargers can't run the ball either, Ryan Matthews is likely going to sit this one out and Robert Meachem was their leading rusher last week with 12 yards on 2 carries.