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Titans vs. Chargers: Three Things to Watch on Offense

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The Tennessee Titans will be looking for a bounce back game after last week's mess against the Patriots. The good news is that Kenny Britt will be on the field. Click through the jump for three things to watch for on offense.

1. Jake Locker:

Locker had a very good game for his first start in my eyes but he needs to take a step forward this weekend and not turn the ball over. I think this game is going to be a shootout and the Titans will have to score a bunch of points in order to win, Jake is going to have to throw a ton of balls this weekend.

Locker is a little banged up but he is looking like a go for Sunday evening, let's hope the offensive line doesn't break down and get him crushed like last weekend. I think we are going to see him rushing the football a lot more in this one.

2. The Running Game:

Will there be any improvement from the offensive line or CJ at all? That is my biggest concern going into the game against the Chargers.

San Diego's defense is not so great but I really think our offensive line is worse. Time will tell but I think we are all going to be disappointed yet again.....Who is going to be blowing Leroy Harris up this time around? Is anyone optimistic about the running game? Are the players even optimistic? It doesn't seem that way.

3. Kenny Britt:

I've watched Britt very closely during my time at camp and practice and it is clear to me that physically he is in the best shape he's ever been in. That being said, I think he's going to struggle getting up to game speed.

Can he be a factor Sunday? Yes he can. Will he be? Who knows. If Britt can't contribute or get into rhythm this season we will have the two biggest "playmakers" in the league set up as decoys in Britt and CJ.

Honestly though, Kenny has to step up for this team because we all know in the back of our minds that CJ will soon be a distant memory. Hate on me all you want, the truth hurts.