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How Many More Games Should Chris Johnson Get to Prove Himself?


NoMoreMustache knows that I love discussing Chris Johnson. I'm leading the Chris Johnson Hate Train this week and it's going to continue in this post. The Titans running game has been the topic of choice for MCM lately and there are only two ways to really solve the problem: fix the O-line or change the running back. So why isn't this post about the O-line? The Titans have played their hand at that position. They're out of moves. Roos, Stewart and Hutchinson aren't going anywhere. Fernando Velasco is new to the lineup and will be allowed time to grow. The last remaining move was to get rid of Leroy Harris and Munchak replaced him Sunday with Matthews. Now it's yet to be seen if that is a permanent move or not but that is the only possible change left.

Unless we change running backs. I've argued this before, and that is because I think it's really a low-risk gamble. If the new back plays even worse than CJ, then we know the offensive line will prevent any back from succeeding. If the new back plays better - even if it's only slightly - than we've found a solution.

So I'll ask you MCM, how long you willing to keep the current depth chart? When does benching Chris Johnson become a possibility?