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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings

Running sideways
Running sideways

Here is our weekly look at the different power rankings from around the internet. As you can imagine, the Titans are pretty low in this week's rankings. Click through the jump to see where the Titans rank at the various media outlets.

ESPN- 22nd
People forget Jake Locker could have played safety in college, which is why shoulder separations won't sideline him.

NFP- 29th (ouch)

You can’t get 4-yards from Chris Johnson and expect to win football games.

CBS (Prisco)- 25th

Opening against a team like New England is tough for a young team. Jake Locker's status with a shoulder injury has to be monitored.

AP- 21st

SB Nation- 22nd

Eleven carries for four yards. Chris Johnson is back alright.

FOX Sports- 22nd

Jake Locker was completing a career-high 72 percent of his passes before leaving the game with a shoulder injury, but the bigger story was the complete disappearance of RB Chris Johnson. He rushed 11 times for just four yards, less than half a yard per carry. That number needs to be closer to 5.0 than 0.5 if this team wants to remain competitive.