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Patriots vs. Titans: The Silver Lining

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I know the tone here has been very negative since the Titans loss to the Patriots. That is to be expected when a team looks like the Titans did in the opener of the season. There were, however, a few positive things that came out of that game on Sunday. The biggest one is posted after the jump.


This play was so good that I just had to run the gif again. This again shows how special Jake Locker has the chance to be. There are not that many guys who can make that throw right there.

Also, I love the speculation this week about whether or not Locker is going to play this week. While we had a first round quarterback in the past that let every little injury sideline him, Locker is not that guy. Just go back and look at how many injuries he played through at Washington. There is no shot that he sits out this week, and that is one of the things that I love about him.