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Patriots vs. Titans Play of the Game

Getty Images

Click through the jump for the play of the game yesterday.


There were not a lot of good things that happened in that game yesterday, but this play was one of the special ones. This play right here is the reason you love Jake Locker. He has a defensive lineman hanging around his waist, and he still makes a perfect throw on the run in a small window between three defenders. There are not many guys that can make that throw.

Locker wasn't great yesterday, but he did play pretty well. He is only going to get better as the year goes along. If he can keep the completion percentage up and give the Titans one or two of those special plays throughout the game, this team will be just fine.

He also has to be thrilled to hopefully be getting Kenny Britt back on the field this week. That is going to open up a lot of things for everyone on the offensive side of the ball.

What it won't do, however, is make the offensive line better....