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Patriots vs. Titans Playtime Analysis

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The NFL is including a snaps played count in their game books this year. That is helpful information in some circumstances. One of those circumstances is noticing that Tommie Campbell did not play a single snap yesterday on defense. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I remember Campbell working with the first team the entire preseason. Everything that we were told leading up to this game was that he was the third guy, yet he didn't play a single play in the first game. Interesting.

Jared Cook was in there for 92% of the snaps on offense. That seems like a much bigger number than we have seen from him in years past.

Quinn Johnson was in there on 10% of the offensive plays. I have no idea why he is on this roster. There is a good chance that he will be the guy that is cut when they bring Kenny Britt to the roster coming off his suspension.

Jason McCourty was the only defensive player to take 100% of the snaps in the game. He was followed by Robert Johnson at 97%. Jordan Babineaux played just 22%.

Michael Griffin played 96% of the snaps. That felt like 96% too many.