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Tennessee Titans Roster Cuts


This is a busy day in the NFL because the deadline to get the roster down to 53 is tonight. There are a lot of guys hitting the waiver wire, including guys that could be of some interest to the Titans. Keep in mind that just because a player doesn't get cut today doesn't mean he is safe. Teams will be making more moves as they claim guys on waivers.

Click through the jump for a list of players who have been released by the Titans. We will update the thread as the day goes along.

-DE Malcom Sheppard
-WR James Kirkendoll
-WR D.J. Woods
-OL Kyle DeVan
-TE Brandon Barden
-OL Michael Jasper
-WR Michael Preston
-TE Cameron Graham
-OL Chris Morris
-S Tracy Wilson

Like I said, stay tuned throughout the day for the complete list of guys who end up being released. Keep in mind that the Titans can sign up to 8 guys to be on the practice squad once the player clears waivers.

[UPDATE]- FB Collin Mooney has been cut.