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Report: Titans WR Kenny Britt Suspended One Game By NFL

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Jim Wyatt is reporting that NFL is going to suspend Titans WR Kenny Britt for one game. The move has yet to be officially announced. The Titans have to be pretty happy with this considering that there is a good chance he would not have been able to do much of anything for them in the opener against the Patriots because of his knees.

Now that this is (almost) behind Britt, he can start to move on. The biggest thing for him is staying out of trouble going forward. There was a lot of debate on whether Roger Goodell was going to be able to suspend him because it was his first "substance abuse" violation. Those considerations won't be there next time. He has strikes against him on all fronts now.

I am not expecting much out of Britt this season. Hopefully he will pleasantly surprise me like he did last season before he tore his ACL.