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MCM Radio Fundraising Drive

Last night August and I returned to the MCM Radio airwaves. You can listen to the full episode after the jump.

Unfortunately, this is the time of the year where we need to ask for your help. You might remember this from last year, but the service we use for MCM Radio, Blog Talk Radio, has gone to where you cannot do a show during "prime time" unless you sign up for their premium service- which costs $399 for the year. Their prime time hours are between 6-10 central every night.

For us to be able to make the show work with our schedules, we have to be able to do it within those hours. We have searched and searched for another place to host the show, but honestly, the other sites out there are terrible.

This is where we need your help. Last year we asked for people to donate money so that we could get the premium service, and we got enough to cover it for the year. That year ends this month. So if you enjoy the show, and you can spare a few dollars to help us purchase the service, it would be much appreciated. Just head over to PayPal and send the money to

Thanks in advance.

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