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Keith Bulluck Officially Retires Today

It was reported last night that former Titans LB Keith Bulluck will announce his retirement from the NFL at a 1 PM press conference this afternoon at Baptist Sports Park. I am not sure if he is signing one of those one-day contracts or not, but I like the fact that he is doing this from the Titans' facility. He wasn't on the best terms with the team when he left, but it would appear things have been patched up.

Bulluck was one of my favorite players for a long time. In fact, he is my second favorite player of all time after Steve McNair. Bulluck came to play every single day, and he hardly ever missed a game.

He earned the nickname Mr. Monday Night after having three interceptions in a Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints. Here is what he told Jim Wyatt about that nickname:

"It all started off as a joke, and the media of Nashville held me to it. I had to make something happen," Bulluck said. "I loved playing under the lights. In high school we never had night games. In college at Syracuse, we played in the dome. So I feel that is the biggest stage, other than the Super Bowl."

104.5 the Zone in Nashville is going to carry the press conference live if you would like to listen.

Congratulations to Keith Bulluck on a great NFL career.