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Tennessee Titans Take Kenny Britt Off PUP List

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The Tennessee Titans have removed Kenny Britt from the PUP list according to multiple sources. That means his knee is healthy enough for him to practice. He still won't appear in Thursday's game against the Saints.

I anticipate now that we will hear from the NFL in the next 24 hours about discipline for Britt. Roger Goodell wanted the team to take him off the PUP because he didn't want Britt to be suspended for games that he would have missed because of injury.

I still don't expect a lot out of Britt at this point. Maybe he will be ready to contribute to this team in the second half, but he has to prove that he is healthy. While Britt has looked good running on the side, that is completely different than being out there playing in an NFL game.

Of course now he has to stay out of trouble. Hopefully he has finally learned his lesson.