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Talk Titans Tonight on MCM Radio Live at 9:00 CDT


We're back! Jimmy, Dan and myself will return with an all-new episode of MCM Radio tonight at 9:00 central. We'll review the first round of cuts from earlier in the week, preview the big cut down to 53 on Friday and gear up Thursday's preseason finale. We'll also most likely address the impact of Mariani's injury, what's going to happen when the Titans take Kenny Britt now that the Titans have taken Kenny Britt off of the PUP list. And, why not... we'll have some reflection and analysis on Robert Johnson's meteoric rise from practice squad dud to ‘first string' in just one off-season.

You can listen live and join in the chatroom fun by clicking here. If you can't make it for the live show you can always download it in podcast form through iTunes, or stream it live from the BTR site.

And for those of you not taking part in the MCM FFB League draft in a few minutes, why not kill some time playing air drums to the new (enough) single from The Killers, Runaways...