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MCM Community Projections: Chris Johnson

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I expect this one to have the biggest gap between the top prediction and the bottom prediction. There are some people out there who still believe that Chris Johnson has the ability to rush for 2,006 yards. There are also people out there who think he will be lucky to get 1,000 this season.

The truth, hopefully, lies somewhere in the middle. There is no way he is going to get the carries to get 2,000 yards again, but the Titans really need him to be better than he was last season to help take some of the pressure off Jake Locker.

Just like with the Locker projections, keep these to realistic predictions of what you think CJ is capable of doing this season. In the comments, predict his rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. It is my intention to do a post at the end of the series with the average prediction for each player,