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MCM Sunday Open Thread

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These are the final two games of the only interesting week of the preseason. After this week we get a fourth week that is just everyone going through the motions before the actual season starts. Today's slate features two nationally televised games. The first on FOX and the second on NBC.

The first game features the 49ers and Broncos. We will call this game the Has Been Bowl. One side features Randy Moss. He had glowing reviews from his workout, but now you are hearing reports that he is more the guy with the Titans than the guy who looked rejuvenated earlier this offseason.

On the other side you have Peyton Manning. The reports on him are that he doesn't have the same velocity on his passes he once did. We are going to be so thrilled that he didn't end up signing here.

The second game features the Panthers and Jets. Tim Tebow apparently will not play in the game. I know that makes everyone sad.