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Cardinals vs. Titans: Three Things to Watch on Defense Recap

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Yesterday I did three things to watch on defense in the Titans game against the Cardinals. Click through the jump for a recap of those three things.

1. Pressure from the defensive line- The defensive line got a lot of pressure last night. It would have been really disappointing if they didn't because the Cardinals offensive line is terrible. Even with that being the case, I feel much better about this group than I did two weeks ago.

2. Zach Brown- Brown, who is allegedly allergic to contact, made a couple of big hits last night. It still looks like he will be a situational player behind Will Witherspoon, but you can see the upside that the Titans saw when they picked him.

3. Robert Johnson- My idea that RoJo could be making a push to be a starter was poo-pooed by some yesterday, but it is worth noting that he was out there for pretty much all of the first team reps and Jordan Babineaux was playing in the 4th quarter. Blaine Bishop said on the post-game show last night that he likes the alignment with Johnson at free safety and Michael Griffin at strong safety. It is something to keep an eye on.