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The Titans Should Pay Rob Bironas

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The Tennessee Titans have rewarded Jason McCourty with a five year $43 million dollar contract. It only makes sense to lock up one the most reliable kickers in the league right?

Some people just like to argue, some just like to argue with me. It's a curse. However, facts are facts and Bironas is (cue Randy Moss) "straight cash homie!"

Speaking of facts, here they are.

'Bironas is coming off one of his best seasons ever, 29 of 32 field goal tries, including an amazing 6-of-7 beyond 50-yards last year. In fact his lone miss from long distance was a 66-yard desperation try at the end of a half. Over his seven seasons with the Tennessee Titans, Bironas has made 86.3 percent of his field goal tries and has just five misses the past two seasons."

That is from a tidbit I did for you can read the full story here.

Anyone else want to miss out on a Super Bowl berth because Bironas's replacement had a Billy Cundiff moment and decided to push the ball wide left? I don't. Rob isn't asking for Peyton Manning money, nor is he asking for half the franchise after he retires. The team has ZERO excuses for not showing him the money.

Get it done Titans....

My name is Dan Ariks and you can follow me on twitter @danomiteTN