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Tennessee Titans Agree to Contract Extension with CB Jason McCourty

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The Titans official Twitter account has announced that the Tennessee Titans have agreed to a contract extension through the year 2017. We have talked a lot this summer about them making some moves to lock up guys like McCourty long term because they have salary cap room for this season. It looks like they have decided to get that ball rolling.

Adam Schefter is reporting that the contract is for a total of $43 million and has $20 million in guaranteed money. This is a really good moves for both sides. It puts a lot of money in McCourty's pocket right now, and the Titans get him for cheaper than they would have if he continues to shine. Shutdown corners are not cheap, and while McCourty might not be in that class just yet, there is no doubt he is headed in that direction.

This should also put to rest some of the people who complain that the Titans never pay anyone.