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Cardinals vs. Titans: Three Things to Watch on Defense

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The defense played much better against the Buccaneers than against the Seahawks. The Cardinals offensive line is not very good, so you hope to see more progress tonight. Click through the jump for three things to watch on defense.

1. Pressure from the defensive line- As I mentioned above, there was a lot of progress last week. Now we just need to see the defensive line get consistent pressure in back to back games. This defense will be better than it was last season, but how much better depends on the pressure the front four can generate.

2. Zach Brown- Brown had a fairly quiet camp. There is some talk that the Titans will use him in certain situations to start the season. That is not exactly what you want to hear about a second round pick, but it is better than him being completely lost. I want to see him make a play tonight.

3. Robert Johnson, again- Johnson missed bad on one tackle last week, but he played pretty well overall. Jordan Babineaux might be able to go tonight, but RoJo is still going to get a lot of time. Can he edge out Babs to be the starter on opening day?