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Titans RB Jamie Harper Buys 70 Tickets For Tomorrow Night's Game


Jamie Harper is doing a really cool thing. He bought 70 tickets to tomorrow night's preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals for his high school football team. They are traveling through Nashville for a game on Saturday in Kentucky.

Here is what Harper said about his high school coach and buying the tickets:

"My head coach is my mentor, a second father," Harper said. "We stay in contact pretty much every other week and talk to each other, even when I went to Clemson and now I’m here. I got back there this offseason, and had my first camp there and just always want to give back to those guys. A lot of them look up to me, so I’m just trying to be a positive role model."
We hear so much about the knucklehead things that guys do off the field, so it is always nice when there is a story like this that we can highlight.