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The Jake Locker Era: What Does This Mean?

The Dynasty has Begun
The Dynasty has Begun

As of August 20th, 2012, the Jake Locker Era has begun for the Tennessee Titans. This is an extremely significant event, as most people realize. Our franchise quarterback has arrived.

This is a great feeling for me. As a newer Titans fan, I wasn't around for the beginning of the Vince Young Era. I wasn't around for the Steve McNair era. I don't know what it was like to have a Titans franchise quarterback. Jake has the opportunity to represent the same franchise that Steve McNair led for the next decade and a half. It's absolutely crazy when you realize what all this means.

1. The future is here! It's time for the explosive offense in two-toned blue to light up the field with Mike Keith yelling "Touchdown Titans! Jake Locker to Kendall Wright!!!" Soon we will be hearing "And the Tennessee Titans are your Super Bowl Champions, led by Super Bowl MVP Jake Locker." Are you ready for this time?

2. Munchak is not Jeff Fisher. He has fully proven that he is not just a student of Jeff Fisher. Not only has he lived up to his word by picking his QB by Week 3, he picked the younger passer with the larger upside, and he has evolved the offense and defense. Can you imagine Jeff Fisher having a team like this? Look at our receiver corps. Although Jeff drafted most, he wouldn't have kept all of these good receivers. We would have drafted David DeCastro in the first round instead. The Fisher Era is over. The Locker/Muchak is here, my friends.

3. No more speculation. We no longer have to debate over who will be the starter, who should be named the starter, when will the starter be named, etc. The answer is here, and most of us are happy.

Jake will most likely come with growing pains. That's okay. If he doesn't have the best sophomore season, okay. I guarantee you all that it will be better than Blaine Gabbert's freshman year. He has a very strong supporting cast with CJ, Nate, Roos, Stewart, Hutchinson, and most of all Matt Hasselbeck, the class act that the Titans have been needing for many years.

So, as a fan, thank you Matt for not only being a great player for us last year but also for being such a strong leader on and off the field. Your support for Jake over the next season is greatly appreciated. I have nothing but respect for Matt Hasselbeck.

Let's be happy, Titans fans. It's a new era, which should contain much success and happiness. The dynasty has begun.