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Diary Of A Rogue Reporter: Rise Of The Phoenix Edition

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Dear MCM,

I would like to thank all of you for giving me followers on the twitter machine and showing me support while I was busy being a "real reporter." Work on that front has seemingly concluded and I have returned home to try and control some of the chaos that is MCM.

I have missed you all while I have been away. I really missed being able to throw on my Titans cap, bang around on the computer and chat with you guys. I am returning to the fold more mature and experienced, hopefully I will be able to contribute and enhance your experience as fans while we all follow our favorite team on their quest for the Lombardi Trophy.

I would like to thank Terry McCormick for coaching me up and teaching me all of the necessary skills that are required to make ones way in this business. I encourage all of you to give a read and to follow Terry on twitter @terrymc13

(Now that we have all of this out of the way, we can get down to brass tax and the real reasons for Jimmy bringing me here)

Yes I’m back. I’ve been to long and I’m glad to be back.

I am here to contibute to the site to the best of my abilities, I have obtained knowledge of the organization while I was away and have connections and sources in place that should make MCM the ideal place to come and discuss anything that has to do with the Tennessee Titans. I will not be breaking stories here, I will only be giving insight when and where it is due.

My posts will primarily be bullet points (long drawn out articles are not my strength) and I am not going to subject you all to paragraph after paragraph that will take you an hour to read….Hopefully. I do tend to rant at times.

The time that I was able to spend inside the inner circle of the Titans organization was eye opening and it has completely and utterly changed me forever, some of it for the good, some of it not so much. There will be times that I may disclose some of this information and others times that I may choose to keep it to myself, partially in fear that Thorchak’s hammer may reign down on me from the skies.

Example: You look around the United States sometimes and see the things that come out in the news and you are like "How the hell are we making it?" or "What the hell are they thinking?" it’s like that. Some of it would have some rioting in the streets and others grasping for their favorite childhood stuffed animal while they suck their thumbs and call for their mothers. It really is a culture shock and is not a burden I wish many other fans to bear, my fanhood was tested on multiple occasions. Why do you ask? All in good time my friends, for the last ashes of my cigarette are burning out and the wife is on her way home.

Feel free to leave me questions regarding personel, position battles, or just general information that you may be curious about. I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability or point you in the direction to someone who can.

you can also follow me on twitter @danomiteTN