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Titans Owner Bud Adams on Jake Locker Named Starter

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It is always interesting when Bud Adams weighs in on a decision. Terry McCormick of Titan Insider talked to Bud this morning, and he is excited about Jake Locker starting. Here is part of what he told Terry:

"The other guy (Hasselbeck) is a good one too, but he’s starting to get a little age on him," said Adams of Hasselbeck, who turns 37 next month. "He came in and played well for us last year, but Locker did too when he came in. I’m looking forward to him playing."

Some people are trying to turn this into when Bud mandated that Vince Young be the starter, but it is totally different. Remember, Bud had a man crush on Vince. Floyd Reese and Jeff Fisher wanted to pick Matt Leinart, but Bud told them they were picking Young.

That is not the case this time. While Bud might be more excited about seeing what Locker can do, he is not nearly as invested in Locker as he was VY. The coaching staff made this call.